Brothel Life AMA: One piece of advice

This is a part of my ongoing Brothel Life Reflections series, in which I welcome personal questions for behind-the-scenes details of working at the Sagebrush Ranch. Tweet your questions at me, or DM me if you prefer to remain anonymous! @Socratic_Nerd asked, if there was one piece of advice for anyone going into the brothel life, what would it be? Asking for, well, no one in particular really.

I think my first and most important piece of advice would be to MIND YOUR FINANCES. I approached working at the brothel at a break-even point in my road trip, which meant when it was time for me to get out, I could while still cutting a profit. I recognize not everybody has this luxury, and may be pursuing working in the sex industry to address debt. That's fine, but be careful and prudent in how you spend resources *beyond* the essentials needed for work. 

I noticed that for higher earning girls, there was a constant pressure to "invest in your business." This often looked like more expensive clothes, makeup, toys, room decor, etc. This stuff adds up. I suggest you re-invest no more than 10% of your earnings to improving your business, as, unlike other businesses, this probably isn't something you want to do for the rest of your life. Burnout is real, financially plan accordingly. 

Earning large amounts of money and the lifestyle that affords can be addictive. I would suggest saving as much as your money as possible until you're living with just a bit more than what you're already used to. By spending wisely, if the time comes that you need to get out, you'll be ready for the transition back to non-brothel life, financially.