Why Charge for Content?

It's No Secret that I just started my OnlyFans page, which is basically sexy twitter. Ultimately this is a good thing for you: I will be sharing daily selfies and nudes, and each month release a photo set (which retail for $10-$20 on niteflirt, so OnlyFans is a better deal at $10/month). I'll also start releasing more erotic videos for tips, and be available for video chatting. 

As the more astute of my boob-loving fans may have noticed, I've been slowly decreasing the amount of free n00dz on my twitter feed over the past few months, for a few reasons. I'd like to spell them out here, for any of you confused or upset about this change. 

Seeing the Whole Of Me:  In my brothel life reflections series, you may have seen me gradually start to question how only selling my beauty made me feel, as a person. I am a complex, flawed, nerdy, weird, occasionally anxious, clever person, who also has been blessed with great facial features and bought some awesome boobs once upon a time. As I work on brand-building myself around some of my *other* features, like nerdiness or mental health awareness or sex positive blogging, I want to retain a connection to my sensuality while not making it the primary reason people are following me.

Creating a SFW Twitter Feed: As I am fleshing out this "all of me" brand, I'm running into the issue where some fans might not want to follow me because -surprise- boobs showing up on their twitter at work will get them in trouble with their boss. Or, they may be underage, and some of the content I talk about (like sexual consent or healthy relationships) is important for those under 18 to hear, but my twitter being a no-go for them because of n00dz gets in the way of that. 

Monetizing Emotional Labor: Guess what everyone, I don't just wake up looking beautiful and feeling horny. For me to feel ready to take a selfie, I need to be in the right mindset- feeling relaxed, sensual, as made up as I want to be that day, This all takes a little mental energy for me, the perpetually anxious squirrel, and I do think that's something worth valuing. I also get a lot of people wanting to sexy-chat with me, and that's totally cool if we're doing it within the agreements of a pay-for-emotional-energy relationship. 

Because I Want To: I've had some fans say I'm "alienating" fans by asking for money for nudes, when they can get free nudes anywhere. To them I say this: okay go find free nudes from other people elsewhere. Bye! I don't owe anybody anything, this is my body and how I choose to share it is my choice. Y'all know I care about you, but also I am not your bitch. 

In conclusion, the move to monetized nudes is good for me (frees up some of my financial anxieties living the bohemian life) and good for you (less stressed me = more nudie content and more content in general). I'll still be upkeeping my regular twitter with The Rest Of Me, just if you want to see boobs and x-rated stuff, OnlyFans is the way to Make It So. 

Now, go forth, enjoy, and if you DM me there that you read this blog post I'll give you a free week trial membership. <3