What Sex Workers Want


As I work my way through the Brothel Life Reflections series, I've been thinking a lot about Legalization vs Decriminalization, and the ways in which the model used in Nevada ultimately disempowers the people doing the work, putting the power in the hands of brothel owners. Juno Mac nails it here, defining the 4 types of legal activity around sex work used around the world and the problems with each type of system, and clarifying why decrim protects workers the best, and is the obvious choice for human rights activists. 

Please, please listen to this. Chances are you know a sex worker, or have seen one, or otherwise your life has been impacted by one. If you are a follower of my twitter or blog, you know at least one sex worker who wants you to hear her message about decriminalization, and understand the factors that go into different types of systems around sex work. 

I've directly experienced how the Nevada-style legalization system can look like a great idea, but ultimately leads to work conditions that violate labor laws (skirted around by calling us Independent Contractors), financially favor the brothel owners, and leave the girls doing the work personally responsible for the high cost of regulation

I want to get more involved in this kind of activism work, and once I finish Dirty Thirty will be reading Playing the Whore for more information. Please, fans, listen to this TED talk, it's important.