Brothel Life “AMA”: How Was The Sex?

Lately I've been into answering questions about the brothel, as a part of my ongoing Brothel Life series. Comment, tweet at me, or DM me with your questions!  @FoxyDeviant asked, How much of it was fun? How much of it was good sex? Or meh sex but at least the person was fun?

So, this is a complicated question to answer. Brothel sex was very different from personal life sex, my goals and motivations purely mutualistic because I wanted to provide a good experience, not out of love, but out of being a good customer service person. That being said, I believe in encouraging good days on the job, and had various tricks I would use to make it more fun and pleasurable for me. So in short: a surprising amount of it was fun, by my own design.

Things I'd Do Most Parties To Keep It Fun For Myself

I get a bit of a power trip from giving good blow jobs, and would almost always start parties off with a slow, sensual massage leading into a blow job.

If my vibe from the guy was that he'd actually be pretty fun to have fuck, and I was in the mood to have pleasure or an orgasm myself, I'd also take this opportunity to covertly put a little intensifying gel on my clit. It is very hard for me to get sexually aroused if I'm not romantically invested in somebody, but I had my ways!

I'd usually start out riding guys, for a number of reasons. For one, this feels very good for me and if I close my eyes and ride I can more or less treat the guy like a living sex toy and get myself off if I want to. Also, this gives me a certain level of physical power in the situation- a man being on top of me is enormously intimate, and I didn't always want that with clients. My body can't always do from behind, sometimes it feels uncomfortable. I am, thankfully, very good at riding (former equestrian, yeah!) and often guys would be so busy having their mind blown with that we'd just stick with it.

What About Orgasms?

As you know, orgasms are a complicated beast for me. In my previous post on the topic, I talked about how I orgasm with romantic (personal life) partners... but what I left out is how I orgasm when I am alone. When I am having solo sex, I usually cum once, hard, and then am done. I don't get the same like, nonstop quivering awesomeness.

When I'd orgasm with a party, like 90% of the time it was the kind of orgasms I'd have by myself, because mentally I needed to treat it kind of like wanking with another person to be aroused. The other 10% though, happened very rarely, and often with very respectful, long, slow paced parties. Parties where I felt respected, had fun, had really good sex, and got paid, felt like really amazing days on the job!!!

The first orgasm I had in a party was emotionally complicated for me. It was my first partnered orgasm since my ex Trevor, and I was emotionally messed up about having had an orgasm with another person. To make it more complex, I hadn't even been particularly aroused: I just had been too depressed to wank, so hadn't had one in several weeks, and the guy was large, which kind of forces orgasms out of me, and I'd had one completely by accident. After that experience, I started figuring out how to pleasure myself during parties, because I didn't want every oops orgasm to be this big emotional mess. I think it helped me develop a healthier perspective on orgasms, honestly... Yet another emotional benefit of sex work?

Meh Sex But Fun Person

This didn't happen much, because the way my sexuality works is that generally how much fun I have with sex and how fun a person is are directly linked. I haven't had great sex with meh people, or meh sex with awesome people, the two go hand in hand for me emotionally. Generally the more time I am able to spend getting to know a person, and the closer I feel to them, the more fun I have sexually.