Brothel Life: The Client Experience, pt 2

So, lets say the client and the lady have successfully negotiated, decided what they're doing, and are ready to go. 15725964_10103430122823464_930972134_o

Dick Check: This is part of how we kept ourselves safe, we'd do a dick check to check for any open sores, scars, or questionable discharge. Of course this only tells part of the story, and we'd use condoms for everything.

Payment: The brothel had a way to ring up credit cards in such a way that it wasn't obvious that the charge was coming from a brothel- I will, to protect the privacy of clients, not name the company it shows up as. Most clients paid in cash, however. Now, I am not sure how much I can legally say here without running into some kind of oversharing law so, I will say in my experience we split things pretty evenly with the house. If you catch what I mean. We'd turn it all in at the window and tell the manager how much time the party would take.

Setting up the Room: I would usually do this before booking the payment, but everyone had a different rhythm. For hygiene reasons, every lady lays down a sheet on her bed. I personally would throw a shawl over my lamp for mood lighting, and put on music appropriate to the theme of the party. Considering that I sold the ever living shit out of my reiki-tantra-sensual massages, that often meant Spotify's Spa playlist, which I had memorized so I could know when to transition from one part of the body to another and be within a reasonable time frame. PRO TIP please for the love of god shell out for a premium subscription if you plan on listening to spotify music during sex. Nothing burns the mood like loud ads!

Here's another image of my room setup from my FIRST tour, enjoy!

Party Party: I think ya'll can imagine how this part goes! One thing I would do somewhat often was let people know during negotiation we could always ADD activities during a party, if say they were on the fence about paying full sex prices but had the budget for a massage... If they changed their mind mid-massage, we could add activities. It was always hilarious to me to run down the hair in a towel, covered in lube and massage oil and sweat, and book additional time with my manager.

Calling Time: A loud but necessary step, when time was up the manager's voice would come over the intercom saying, "time to reparty honey." At this point we had to reply in some way, to let them know we were safe and also heard the reparty message. I would usually ask a client if he was close (if he hadn't yet cum), waiting to stop whatever touching I was doing until we'd either negotiated additional party time or naturally concluded whatever was happening.

Walking the Client Out: For safety reasons, the clients were never left unattended in the halls. We'd walk them out. Every girl had a different style here, for me my style depended on the type of connection. If it was a wham-bam-thank-you-m'am kind of client, I'd walk him out and leave him in the parlor after a warm goodbye, then go back to clean up my room. If it was someone I was connecting deeper with, I'd sit with them for a moment, explain I was about to go clean my room but would be right back, and hang out with them for a while.