Brothel Life: But Why? The Story of How I Ended Up There Anyways.

So at this point I've shared some parts of the client experience, how I was unglamorously asked to leave, and some of my emotional experiences early on working there. But I completely neglected to ever explain to all my loyal friends and fans *why* I paused my road trip around the country to work at a brothel for a few months!

Okay so, I went there initially as kind of an experiment and out of curiosity. After years of knowing I was pro sex workers rights, I didn't quite understand why most advocates I know are more pro decrim than legalization. What is the difference, I wondered. Well, I am the kind of person who learns by doing, and also thought possibly the environment would be healing after my breakup (correct). So, I started my first two week tour, just planning to do it for the two weeks.

I quickly ended up in a short lived and emotionally intense relationship with the woman who would go on to become top booker of the year at all the ranches. That relationship faded for a variety of reasons, but while in it I got it into my head that we could make the awesomest power team of escorts *ever*, and as you know I am completely prone to impulsive emotional decision making and doubled down, getting pricier room decor and really settling in.

After that relationship fizzled, I wasn't quite sure what I was doing, but with a regular client base and pretty decent money I figured I'd stick around until I felt ready to finish my road trip, focusing on savings goals and paying down debt. Especially with Christmas coming up, the family-type-vibe of the house was appealing as I was kind of on the outs with my parents (who had found out about the relationship and were upset about it), and feeling emotional that my ex of 4 years was going to be bringing his new girlfriend home to meet his family for the holidays. Indeed, I had a pretty awesome christmas.

However, the vibe of the house abruptly shifted, which can happen sometimes, and with money slow (as in, I was barely staying out of debt to the house) the 14 hour shifts and feeling stir-crazy and kind of confined started to get to me quickly.I had been planning on calling my ranch life done with anyways, it just came unexpectedly, as you've read. I'm still processing my post-ranch-feelings, but I think what I've come up with is I, too, am more on the decrim train than full legalization, for reasons that I'll work my way up to listing out probably when I'm back home in Chicago in March.