Product Review: Doin' It Overseas with We-Vibe

This is a product review. The link to this product is an affiliate link, but also I think this product is cool as hell and want to write a review of how fond of it I am.  So I bought the We-Vibe 4 a few months ago and recently got an opportunity to test it out. WOWZA I am sold. Here is my review of it! If you find this helpful, I'd love if you can go over the the amazon page and mark it as helpful. <3


What a great little device! Because there is a lot going on in one package here, I'll review each part seperately:

* The Vibe Itself: All on its own the we-vibe is an awesome toy. It is adjustable to fit your body. Of course everybody's anatomy is different; while I find I enjoy it in during sex but sometimes it slips out if worn on it's own, when a girlfriend tried it she found it was painful for her to wear during sex but stayed in well otherwise. She is also extremely tight so, take that into account. For me, it hits the clit and G spot wonderfully, and just with the button on the vibrator itself I'm able to switch between patterns. Male partners I've used it with have found the sensation pleasant when it's used during penetrative sex, as well, and my rates of having orgasms while working (I'm a legal sex worker) have gone up substantively since starting to include this toy.

* The Remote Control: It's so-so. The range isn't fantastic, and it's pretty vague which button does what. I found the controls for Omibod's vibrating panty much more intuitive. But, then, Omibod doesn't have internal stimulation so, you win some you lose some.

* The Charging Dock: I love that this wirelessly charges, because it means the device itself is waterproof- so handy for playing in the bath or jacuzzi! Also handy for squirters, which certain high frequency vibration patterns for the internal part of this device will trigger for me. The dock is cute, discrete, and just looks like some random apple product sitting on the shelf if you're not aware of it's true purpose.

* The App: Just using the app to control it locally is fun, the visuals are intuitive and make sense for triggering the kind of sensation and pattern you're looking for. I played with this with a partner in Sweden and while we were overall satisfied with the experience, it did keep on glitching out and crashing on one end or the other, especially if we tried to send pictures in-app. Nonetheless the fact that overseas intimacy technology is even at this level is pretty impressive, and other than the connection issues the app is pretty intuitive and discreet.

One complaint I have with the remote app functionality is that it seems like you can only connect it with one lover at a time, meaning you have to go through the whole pairing process every time you want to play with a different partner. For people who do long distance sex work, or are in polyamorous relationships with multiple long distance lovers, this is a bit of a hassle.

Overall, this is a nifty little toy, and a great enhancement to my sex life. I've enjoyed using it in threesomes, twosomes, and for long distance intimacy. I look forward to seeing what else We-Vibe develops in the future, and what future app updates include!