That One Time I Got Kicked Out of and Blacklisted From a Brothel I Worked At For No Clear Reason

Okay so yesterday, Tuesday, this happened:

I'm still kind of, processing what the hell went wrong, and have been screencapping EVERYTHING (not going to share for now because I need to talk to a lawyer and make sure that won't make any issues down the road for me), but here's the summary. I'll let you draw your own conclusions about all this; at this point I'm still too upset about it to feel responsible sharing my interpretations.

Setting: For a few weeks I've been thinking brothel life isn't for me. As you may have heard, I've been working under the name Ondine Desire at Sagebrush Ranch. Between the pacing of the days (14 hour shifts), and some of the interpersonal dynamics, it just wasn't feeling right (I'll get into more about this in future blog posts). So I plotted my graceful departure.

Thursday 1/26, 3:31pm: I texted Suzette to let her know I was ready to head out, and ask her if I forfeited my sheriff's card (my card to be a legal prostitute) if my friend who wanted to party with one of the girls at the ranch and I could come by in late February. She replied with permission for me to leave and said we can talk about other stuff later.

Sunday 1/29, 10:17pm: Since I hadn't heard back, I recapped my original question, clarifying that I needed to revoke the card due to some consulting work I was going to be doing, and clarifying my loyalty to the brand and interest in bringing the house money.

Monday, around 11pm: I faint on a client. This was very unexpected, and I end up on the phone with my Doctor, who tells me it's a combination of hypoglycemia (because I've been eating poorly for a few weeks, since they don't bring us healthy/edible/properly cooked food at the ranch and it's been too slow to order in) and sleep deprivation because I'm woken up at all sorts of strange hours by noise.

Tuesday 1/31, when all the weird shit went down:

11:10am:  Suzette replied telling me to bring him to Love or Kit Kat.

11:12am: I replied saying I wanted him to meet a specific girl and asked if there would be an issue if I didn't have a card held at the house.

11:13am: Her reply, "I'm sorry did u not read what I said."

11:14am: I, the perpetual over explainer, said I was confused about the issue if I didn't have a sheriff's card, and that there were no worries but we probably wouldn't stop by. Bad move?

12:09pm: Suzette texts me, "Hon best u just pack up and leave today. I think that's best and don't ask any of our girls to give you... to go w u... pack and go by 2."

12:11pm: I had been planning on spending this day organizing my belongings, packing some of them out to a storage unit, giving girls some things, then working a last shift before going. I ask directly if I did something to upset her, and say I'm not sure I can be packed by 2.

12:12pm: She tells me she doesn't need me tonight and to pack up and leave by 2. From everything I know about the history of this place, I know I'd better actually, so I hustle about throwing my shit in bags.

12:50pm: Possibly poking the bear but in a panic right now, I text Dennis for help. Here's where it gets weird. I explain the situation, and that I feel really put out and confused, especially since I've followed all the rules and been a consistent earner.

1:14pm: Dennis texts me, "Where do you get off asking a girl to go someplace with you. No wonder she want you out of there right now you better hurry." Okay so I honestly don't know what he's referencing. It could have been my plan to hang out with a friend who also works there (and I've known for 4 years), today when she was off. Or to hang out with some of the other girls for one of their birthdays today. Or, a month from now aforementioned friend and I were going to take a road trip to Vegas, when she was done working. None of these seem inappropriate, so I replied that I didn't ask anyone to go anywhere that seemed inappropriate.

1:18pm: Dennis texts me, and I quote, "You quit right. The quote was you forfeit your sheriff's card is that correct. If so you need to leave immediately." Please reference above where I mentioned this several days ago, before a few large appointments.

As I'm packing up my stuff and getting it out of the building, mostly done at 1:30pm, the following happens:

Maitenence Surprise: The bunny ranch moving van rolls up and two maintenance guys who have a history of sexually harassing me or making weird comments pop out. One of them forcibly removes my box from my hands and carries it to my car, as the other goes down the hall to my room. I quickly realize they're there to evict me.

Suzette Rolls Up: I noticed her car round the corner. I realize she's hoping for a scene. I also realize this is quickly becoming one of those stories that will be gossiped about to new girls, and start to wonder what was the full story behind all the other girls stories I heard in the past. I resolve to keep my cool and get the fuck out as fast as possible.

Blacklisting: I am told my friend that was going to come help me can't. I've been blacklisted and any staff or girls that so much as help *or* talk to me will lose their jobs. INCLUDING my friend from before working at sagebrush ranch. Again, no explanation was provided.

So, hence the picture in my original tweet. That's all my stuff, unsorted, not ready to go into storage, out next to my car. I sat on a green box and cried for a while, until a friend of a friend totally unaffiliated with the brothel system arrived to help me. 

I am now with said friend, taking a day to chill out, figuring out what I'll do next. I was preparing to write a series of blog posts talking about the brothels. My original plan was to... gloss over some of the negative things, since I wanted to focus on the interpersonal dynamics than make it a gossip piece, and still respected the brand. Now, I am left with a very bitter taste in my mouth, and feel essentially like I was punished for wanting to leave for longer than a temporary break. I need some time to cool down before I write the articles fairly, but they'll be coming soon.

If you want to help me out, this has been a bit more of an expensive transition than I was expecting. I'm safe but defs a little stressed since my budget wasn't prepped for the couple hundred I'm out before starting to get my modeling revenue live again. If you want to help, throwing me a few bucks via ko-fi would be appreciated- this site doesn't take any % of sales. Thanks <3