Strip Club Review: Shotgun Willie's in Colorado

I had a great time visiting Shotgun Willie's with Jay, one of my backers! Thank you again so much for supporting my trip. I found out this club had a mermaid show happening, and *had* to attend. I’m not really a strip club regular, but I enjoyed this club so much, I would be a regular at it or like to work at it were I local. First Impressions: I was initially confused by the huge selection of cigars for sale, until I realized this is a way strip clubs skirt the no smoking laws in Colorado. If a certain percentage of their sales are cigars, they somehow can enjoy zoning as a cigar club, in which smoking is permitted. The club itself has a *very* nice atmosphere. It was dark, but not too dark- each of the 5 or so poles was lit with LED lights at the base and nice hanging LED lights above. The DJ seemed to have control of these lights, and each stage was lit up a different color. Y’all know how I feel about neon rainbows, so naturally I was totally delighted.

Dancers: Wow, several of these ladies were VERY athletic, and were doing super impressive things on the poles that made me regret leaving circus arts, because I would like to be able to do such feats. Also, there were a lot of women working for 5pm on a Wednesday, and they were all smiling and enthusiastic, despite there being only a customer or two per table. Jay shared with me that a friend of his who works at a different club told him they don’t pay stage fees the whole night if they arrive by a certain time. If that’s what is the case at this club, I think that’s a great deal for the dancers and a smart way to keep it busy during slow hours.

Interpersonal dynamics: The dancers were also REALLY friendly with one another. They were laughing, sharing cigarettes, dancing together, clearly having fun. I’ve been to some clubs where there’s a lot of competition and in-fighting, but at this club the vibe was clearly full of a lot of comraderie. The clients I saw there seemed respectful as well. The attitude was playful and fun, and the club has regular events that showcase the special interests and talents of their dancers.

A note about the Glass Room: One of the services mentioned in the thrillest article was the glassed in conference room local businesses could rent for meetings. Indeed, there was a conference table in a glass room. It wasn’t in use, but I think for most business meetings that would be a super inappropriate meeting place. Could you imagine, as a woman, trying to be taken seriously by your colleagues while surrounded with women they were actively objectifying during the meeting? I’m all about strip clubs and appreciating dancers, but I’m also all about creating professional workplaces that are safe for women.

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