SideQuest: Mags Does America - a sexy road trip

I'll be honest that being a sex educator, sex industry worker, and sexual health activist is sometimes really challenging for me when things are rocky in my main sexual relationship. I've always hated this personal barrier: in addition to putting me in an uncomfortable position of being pretty sexually dissatisfied all the time and not engaged with my sexual self when single or single-ish, it puts enormous pressure on my relationships to be successful for me to be able to do my work.

Roughly one week ago, I had a huge shift in my relationship leaving me realizing I've completely lost touch with myself in some important aspects, and am a little emotionally and career-wise lost. I took a hard look at my savings, my costs, and my obligations, and realized if there was ever a time to just, take off, it was now. I'm embarking on a project that will be challenging and also I am SO excited about!

I will be travelling the country, interviewing people in multiple states (7 lined up so far!) about sexual issues in their region. I'll visit most truck stops, strip clubs, sex toy stores, and other sexual spots and report back hereon what I find and experience. I'm thrilled and excited and very slightly terrified!

I'll mostly be sleeping on couches or occasionally in my car, but if you want to help make the trip a bit more comfortable for me, please do chip in here and I'll be able to spend some nights in hotels, and eat something other than apples and protein shakes from time to time. <3